Scrap car disposalMOT Failure?Cash in your hand

Scrap car disposal

Vehicles collected in a safe, professional manner and disposed of in an environmentally considerate way.

MOT Failure?

Has your car just failed its MOT? Wondering what to do next? Why not get money for it instead!

Cash in your hand

Payment for vehicles to be recycled made on collection so there is no waiting around for bank transfers or cheques to clear..

Recycle My Scrap Car
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About Carcycle
Carcycle was established in 2010 as an environmentally considerate way to recycle your unwanted vehicle or scrap car. We are not just another “recovery company” or “scrap dealer” who will take…

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The Process
Car Scrappage ProcessFor the owner and keeper of the vehicle the process is very simple: First the owner should contact a local car disposal company. To get the best deal it…

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