New MOT Rules for ABS and EML (Engine Management) Lights

Green question markAs of January 2012 new MOT rules will require vehicles fitted with electronic saftey systems (ABS, Traction Control, Airbags etc.) to have working dashboard malfunction indicator lights (MIL) for all systems.
These lights must illuminate with the ignition and then go out after a matter of seconds once the engine has started. If any of these lights remain on or fail to illuminate at all this will be considered an MOT failure and as with all electrical system faults on older vehicles this could result in a significantly un-economical repair.

The following electrical & saftey systems will be tested under the new rules:

• Electronic stability controls (ESC/TSC/DSP/DSC/ESP) and antilock brakes (ABS).

• Electronic parking brakes.

• Headlight main beam warning light.

• Electronic power steering warning light.

• Brake fluid level warning light.

• Seat belt pre-tensioner warning light.

• That the steering lock functions.

• Power steering fluid level must be above the minimum level indicated on the reservoir.

• The tow bar's electrical socket. There will be a basic security/damage check of seven-pin sockets; 13-pin sockets will be subject to a full electrical connectivity check and incorrectly connected or inoperative circuits will result in failure.

• Visible wiring that is insecure, or likely to cause a short circuit.

• A speedometer is not fitted, is incomplete, inoperative, has a dial glass broken/missing, or cannot be illuminated.

• Testers will check that the driver's seat can be moved.

• A rear door that cannot be opened from the outside will fail.

• The removal of catalytic convertor that was fitted as original equipment.

Remember if your vehicle fails its MOT and the repair bill is more than what the car is worth you can always recycle your car with us!