About Carcycle

Carcycle was established in 2010 as an environmentally considerate way to recycle your unwanted vehicle or scrap car. We are not just another “recovery company” or “scrap dealer” who will take your car straight to the nearest scrap yard to earn a few quid; we genuinely believe the various components of any vehicle can be carefully recycled.


Many harmful and dangerous materials (that must be disposed of correctly and carefully) that go into the building and running of any car but there is also a vast array of useful materials & compounds that can be extracted & recycled.
Carcycle aims to be as pro-active as possible in trying to extract as many useful materials, chemicals, compounds and parts from a scrap vehicle that has reached the end of its life which is a small yet responsible step to help preserve the limited resources this planet has to offer.
Our professional staff and agents will collect your vehicle and provide you with a receipt and if required a certificate of destruction meaning if you request that your vehicle is fully recycled you are guaranteed it will never return to the road.